In the year 2020, together with the world, VP Supply has encountered challenges unlike any seen during its previous 60 years of existence. The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought unprecedented instability and disruption to both the economy and everyday life. During this crisis, VP Supply initiated a series of proactive measures to ensure employee safety while continuing to responsibly serve its customers and the needs of the community.

Designated an essential business by state government officials, VP Supply has continued to make deliveries and open its counter to local plumbers, technicians and electricians. Employees have embraced a rigorous set of procedures and protocols implemented based on federal, state and local guidelines for workplace safety. Numerous employees transitioned to working remotely with meetings now being conducted virtually in place of face to face. Those not working remotely have altered their normal routines and adapted to differences in the simplest areas, such as touchless door openers to eliminate hand contact with handles. As the economy has progressed through its phases of reopening, Innovations by VP Kitchen and Bath showrooms have welcomed customers back with social-distancing and mask requirements in place.

As normality continues to be elusive, VP Supply remain vigilant in adapting to the changing times. “I can tell you we are all in this together as a company, an industry, a state and a country, and no one has a crystal ball. We are working as hard as possible every single day to make sure that we continue to operate, take care of as many employees and customers as we can, maximize safety, and limit exposure,” said Chief Operating Officer Ben Curwin in a recent message to employees.

New policies and procedures include:

-Daily health survey questionnaires for all employees

-Mandatory training for all employees on COVID-19 safety policies and protocols

-Face coverings mandatory for all employees

-Regular cleaning schedule focused on sanitizing commonly used surfaces

-Prohibiting non-essential visits and travel

-Resources from the CDC and state of New York posted for all employees

-Face coverings mandatory for all customers entering counter or showrooms

-Six feet social distancing requirement with reminders posted at counters and showrooms